Work With Me!

Services Offered (Updated 2018)


Freelance Writing – Need a writer for your blog, website, or publication? I specialize in posts and articles on health, wellness, and spirituality like those you see on this website, but I also love researching new topics and branching out! Contact me via the contact form below or find me on Upwork to see if we might be a good fit.

Podcast Management – New to podcasting and overwhelmed? I’ve been there! I can help you set up your new podcast or manage your existing one. Uploading, publishing to multiple outlets, minor editing, show notes, and expanding your reach are all areas I can assist you with. No need to struggle through it on your own – contact me below and we’ll chat!

Meal Planning (for individuals with no medical issues only) – Let me plan your meals for you. Give me a list of likes and dislikes and I’ll plan out a week’s worth of meals complete with grocery list and preparation instructions. Meal plans can be made for one week all the way up to six weeks. Contact me via the contact form below to get started!

Class – Well-Fed Survival: Eating Healthy After Disaster – A unique 30 minute class that will guide participants through the process of building up healthy emergency food supplies, how to put together a balanced meal with limited choices, and basic nutrition education that will be beneficial in a disaster situation. Contact me via the contact form below if you’d like this class taught at your location!