Sharing My Eating Disorders With Others

Every time I post something about my history with eating disorders or open my mouth to speak about it, I still have the same thoughts. Really? Should I? I made the conscious decision when I decided to become a dietitian to be radically open and honest with people about myself. I want people to know … Continue reading Sharing My Eating Disorders With Others

Vitamins: A Crash Course

We all know we need vitamins, but have you ever really thought about what they actually do? There's a commercial on TV right now that says vitamins are the fuel for your cells - but that's not quite right. So what is the role of vitamins in your body? What are Vitamins? Vitamins are an … Continue reading Vitamins: A Crash Course


I feel like I have done nothing but learn new lessons for the past nine years. I'm nearing the end of my twenties, and everything they say about them is true. It's been agonizing, eye opening, magical, and horrific to discover who I am as a person and why I am that way. Thank god … Continue reading Grace