Energetic Detox

Detoxing is a word that usually makes me cringe. Typically, detoxing refers to a special diet one adapts in order to “reset” their body. Many people juice, cut out solid foods, abstain from meat, or attempt countless other methods in order to help their bodies detox. The truth is, our bodies are very good at detoxifying on their own – thanks liver! Oftentimes the body simply needs less junk food and more healthy food to allow it to let go of yucky stuff it may be holding on to.

But what about the rest of you?

What about your mental space, your emotions, your energetic body? Do they detox on their own too? I tend to think not. Especially with the stress-filled lives that most of us live, energetic crap likes to slowly build up until one day you have trouble finding motivation to do anything but rewatch the entirety of Parks and Rec on Netflix.

So while tending to the health of our bodies is crucial, so is tending to the health of our energetic bodies!

Here are my six favorite ways to detox my energy:

  1. Meditate – Let’s get this one out of the way. We all know we should be meditating, we’ve all promised to do it more and no judgement for not making good on that promise. But… here’s the thing. Meditation really is the superfood of the energetic body. It’s the acai bowl for your mind! Countless studies have shown that meditation elevates levels of compassion and contentment while lowering perceived levels of stress, among other countless benefits. Here are two of my favorite guided meditations – this takes all the guesswork out and lets you truly relax into the experience!
  2. Spring Clean – There is something to be said for a squeaky clean home. If your environment is fresh and clutter-free, it will be easier for your brain and energy to be clutter-free too. I like to take an entire week to deep-clean, organize, and de-clutter my home so I don’t get overwhelmed trying to fit it all into one day.
  3. Sage – If you’re unfamiliar with “smudging”, it is the practice of walking through your home with a smoldering bundle of dried sage leaves, wafting the smoke throughout and saying a prayer, if you like. While smudging with herbs is said to be a great way to dispel bad energy and encourage good energy to stick around, it also has some scientific benefits too! Research has been conducted showing that significant amounts of bacteria are eliminated by the smoke put off during smudging – so not only are you cleaning up your energy, you’re also literally cleaning too!
  4. Re-evaluate Your Systems – Meaning, look at any systems you have in place and see if they need updating. I like to reassess my budget, planner, meal planning/grocery list methods, etc. and see if they’ve really working for me. Oftentimes I’ll find that I’ve been using a budget, for example, that has become inaccurate or is missing important bills – this leads to stress, worry, and irritation, none of which is good for your energy. Revamping your systems will help prevent any annoying slip-ups later.
  5. Forgive and Release – Letting go of what is no longer serving you can be a life-changing practice. Life rarely goes as planned – maybe you lost your job, had a relationship end, or had some health problems. If we don’t look at the emotions that come with these experiences and move through them, we can end up living in them for weeks, months, even years.  Journaling is a great way to reflect on things that didn’t go your way, forgive them, and let them go. Try writing them down and then and burning them, tearing them up, or simply throwing it away. Know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, and that you have a wonderful opportunity to try again every single day.
  6. Move – This is my FAVORITE way to change my energy for the better! Any form of movement – for me it’s yoga – that makes you happy will work. Even better if it requires all of your attention (like yoga, kickboxing, martial arts), as it can double as a sort of moving meditation. Movement is the fastest way to shift your energy, make you feel more alert, and bring a smile to your face! Even a 5 minute dance break in between tasks will help cleanse your energy.


What are your favorite practices for detoxing your energy? Let me know in the comments below!

XoX Kelli

Published by kelliroseyates

Kelli Yates is a health and nutrition writer, dietetics student, and co-host and creator of The Nutrition Nerds Podcast. In her spare time she teaches the free class Well-Fed Survival: Eating Well After Disaster.

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